Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Don’t get all your inspections done on the same day

I recently had a client who was purchasing a newly renovated house (flip) in Plainfield.   Plainfield now a day is usually out of my travel distance.   But this client was special.   He was the seller of a house I did an inspection on a few months back for the buyer.   Since the travel distance was too far I had to tell him I could not do a radon test (which meant two round trips to the location).   He had no problem with that, he just wanted me to do the inspection.  On that day I was doing the home and termite inspections.   There was a tank sweep going on and a radon test being placed.   Multiple tests and inspections happening the same day (approximately $1000).  At the end of my inspection my client and their realtor were in a heated discussion the floor above me.   My client came down, I told him I was finished and he says that’s great, I’m not getting the house.   What had happened the lawyer had just called and told him not to do any inspections this day.   It seems his lawyer never received the signed agreement from the sellers lawyer.  The sellers accepted a higher offer from someone else.   I have discussed this with others multiple times.   I have an old blog entry and Youtube video about this same scenario.  “Don’t get all your inspections done on the same day”.