Friday, February 22, 2019

Thermal Imaging And Its Miss-use

I have never been an advocate for thermal imaging used in the process of inspecting a house.    It’s a technology that just doesn’t fit for many reasons.   I myself have a thermal attachment for my iPhone and I have never used it since I owned it.  I bought this just for myself to get a hand-on experience with it.  The problem with this technology is it’s not reliable.   The results need to be verified by other piece of equipment (example: moisture meter).   My opinion, if I can’t trust the results, why use it.  

I’m writing this post because I learned there are doctors using thermal imaging to evaluate women for breast cancer instead of doing a mammogram.  I read the disclaimer one doctor had on his website.  It stated in plain words that thermal imaging is not a conclusive means of determining any disease.   Also, I understand that the FDA stated, “Thermal imaging is no substitute for a mammogram”.  

My conclusion; the thermal imaging industry is again pushing a technology that has no fit for its proposed use.      

I wrote this post because I have a wife and daughters.