Saturday, May 23, 2020

Realtor BS Quotes

I have been in business for 15 years .  My first year in business I did what all good home inspectors do.  I found realtors to put me on their preferred lists so that I could get realtor referral business.  Just like everything in life you get nothing for free.

After my first year doing business as a referral home inspector I had enough.   I changed the name of my company to Aggressive, because what realtor in their right mind would want an aggressive inspection done.  I became an independent home inspector.     

After all these years there has been a constant in realtor quotes that I still here to this day!

  1.            Were always looking for good home inspectors.
  2.            Do you have more cards I can have to hand out in the office?
  3.            I have a client coming out of attorney review and I will be needing a home inspector.

If you hear one of these quotes being said to your home inspector, you got a problem!