Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How To Pick A Home inspector

My research has shown the majority of information on this subject comes from people who are not home inspectors.  So I am going to give you my opinion on the subject.  Who am I?  I am a licensed home inspector in the state of New Jersey for over ten years.  This is my condensed list of what I would look for in a home inspector when in the process of finding one.

·         What you have to address first, is cost your main concern?  The process of buying a house is expensive and I do understand you have to save where ever you can.  But think about it.   Is the inspection really where you want to cut costs?  This is going to be your home for you and your family. You’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy it.   You will find cheap inspection companies out there.  But just like any other business there has to be a tradeoff for a cheaper price.  Will quality of the inspection be that trade off?

·         One important question I think should be asked is how long you have been inspecting homes.  Experience just like in any other business will make you better at what you do.

·         The majority of home inspection companies are small.   Just one or two inspectors.  If when you call you get a feeling you are talking to an answering service, think twice.  I personally like talking to my potential clients.  Because it’s a two way process for me.  They are interviewing me and I am doing likewise. If I’m calling a lawyer I don’t what to talk to the secretary I want to talk to the lawyer.   So whoever you call and they don’t answer, leave them a message. Give them a few hours to respond.   When I am doing a home inspection I do not answer my phone. My client hired me to do a job for them and their inspection is what I’m concerned with at that time.

·         If you have specific concerns about a home inspection this is the time to ask.  Example: a lot of my clients are concerned about the roof and water in the basement.  Hey, let’s talk.  I have clients who have asked me am I going to do the inspection myself, because they interviewed me.  They’re not interested in someone else being sent to do the inspection.

·         This last item I will bring up is personal to me.   If I hire someone to do a job for me,  I want them 100%.  Our current president demands complete loyalty.  And why shouldn’t you?   You’re paying.   I am an independent home inspector.   That means no one will influence my findings in your report.  My clients and their families are my only concern.  

I hope this helps someone out there buying a house.   I bought my first house 35 years ago.  It was an estate sale that was vacant for a year.  Then there was no such thing as a home inspector.  At that time you didn’t touch anything; you just walked around and looked.  I trusted the professionals involved in the sale with their input.   I got screwed.   And I have never forgotten that.