Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Home inspectors should not discuss their findings

Home inspectors should not discuss their findings or the report with anyone but their clients.  Except if their clients give permission.   

The process of buying a home is a negotiation between the buyer’s side and the seller’s side.   You as the buyer should know who is receiving the information you hired a home inspector to give you.   Imagine playing cards in a poker game and the other players know the cards you hold.  

In the twelve years of being in business, I myself have been mislead into releasing information.  I had a client who got very mad at me for giving his own realtor information.  Reason; he didn’t trust his own realtor.   He stated to me that there was too much money exchanging hands.  Lesson learned. 

Now when I have realtors, lawyers even family members call me and ask questions, I state to these people, “have my client give me a call, so I can speak to you”.   No this doesn’t win any brownie points but my clients know at least on my end their information is not given out freely.  

I know.  All you want to do is buy a house, where you and your family can be safe and happy with as little problems as possible.   But you are the main player in the game of real-estate, even if you don’t want to be.