Saturday, March 23, 2013

facebook timeline

After two months of no facebook time line its back.  If anyone else is having the same problem this is what we did.  Start an ad, at a cost.  After a few days stop it.  Contact the facebook marketing team and tell them the ad will not continue until the time line is back.  It took little more than a week but as astonishingly as it disappeared it reappeared. 


  1. Joe, do you by any chance inspect furnances?
    If yes, would I have to be present for the inspection? Thank you!

  2. Hi Rita; Yes we inspect furnaces as part of a home inspection. No you don't have to be present but we strongly recommend that you are their. Reason, if there are any issues we can point them out to you and you will be able to see for yourself instead of looking at a picture and/or talking about the issue on the phone.